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Submissions by Pablo Reyes


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24948 Delphi Source Code Arrastrar y Soltar
Código fuente del artículo "Arrastrar y Soltar: un caso práctico"
9/24/2007 1:10:50 AM 228 223.4K
21848 Delphi Database DSQueries package
Components for DataSnap when using query components for master/detail relationships where linked fields have diferent names in master and detail.
10/6/2005 1:25:07 AM 239 73.2K
20540 Delphi Database ClientDataSet y DataSetProvider en cliente/servidor
Este proyecto es un ejemplo del uso de los componentes ClientDataSet y DataSetProvider en aplicaciones cliente/servidor.
6/30/2004 1:59:45 PM 1062 7.9K
16173 Delphi Components MessageInterceptor component
This component allows you to capture Windows and VCL messages without creating specialized procedures.
1/29/2004 8:13:48 AM 699 8.8K
20621 Delphi Database DSFieldProperties component
This component lets you work at design time with "persistent fields" without creating persistent fields.
10/20/2003 12:22:47 PM 248 111.9K
18388 Delphi Best Techniques Something missing about packages
In this article you will find instructions for using packages anytime, anywhere.
7/22/2002 2:38:24 PM 2453 24.9K
16153 Delphi Components Categories in the Object Inspector
In Delphi 5 the object inspector allow us to view properties and events by categories. How to use it with our components?
5/15/2001 6:56:55 AM 188 851 bytes
16138 Delphi Source Code Password protect ISAPI/CGI actions with basic authentication
Supose you have an ISAPI application with 3 actions and you want to password protect only one of them.
5/12/2001 7:15:02 AM 895 6.5K
15868 Delphi Source Code How to accept dropped files from the explorer
How to accept dropped files from the explorer.
This way you can drag and drop files to a specific control in a Delphi form.
4/20/2001 12:05:54 PM 859 3K

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