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Submissions by Oprea Bogdan


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17862 C++Builder APIs RegionsAPI
Shows the use of the RegionsAPI functions for creating skinable windows.
4/26/2002 9:26:17 PM 1302 1,000.5K
17336 C++Builder Components TExtendedImage
Component derived from the basic TImage,to which it adds new methods
for mirroring, fliping, rotating and printing.
1/13/2002 2:06:06 PM 417 805.3K
16513 C++Builder Complete Projects TSphereDemo
Demo program that shows the drawing of a 3D sphere using only geometrical transformations.
9/3/2001 5:04:42 PM 1088 223.9K
16286 C++Builder Complete Projects Fractal generator
A small project that shows how to generate fractals in CBuilder.
6/27/2001 5:21:40 PM 1527 218.8K

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