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25564 C++Builder Complete Projects ICMPPing
A ping program that uses a cfg. file to to determine whether or not to do verbose logging, how often to send pings and what the IP addresses and network names are of the host systems to ping. The ping request and reply messages are written to a log file.
4/27/2008 4:18:18 PM 342 891.4K
25410 C++Builder Complete Projects NcbStat Example
This program retrieves the local NetBIOS status for one of this server's or workstation's network interface cards (network adapter).
1/29/2008 12:44:53 PM 142 383.7K
25388 C++Builder Complete Projects Spashscreen Example
How to display a splashscreen; make a single instance program; display a pgm's icon in the taskbar; minimize a pgm to the taskbar; use the toolbar, speed buttons and hints.
1/28/2008 3:34:10 PM 662 148.2K

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