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Submissions by mykle hoban


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15478 C++Builder Source Code OLE Interprocess Drag 'n' Drop
Components to allow interprocess dragging-and-dropping.
1/4/2001 3:48:39 PM 1295 5.4K
15398 C++Builder Source Code Window-Transparency Example
How to use Alpha-Channel Transparency in Windows 2000.
11/29/2000 9:49:59 AM 2374 22.2K
15294 C++Builder Source Code Network MAC address sample projects
Three projects that illustrate ways to get the MAC address of your system's NIC cards.
11/29/2000 9:35:10 AM 3223 78.3K
15394 C++Builder APIs Example of snapping ("magnetic") window
This is an example of how to "snap" your window to the screen edge or another window.
11/28/2000 2:47:42 PM 3797 21.5K
14666 C++Builder Components Directory monitoring TListBox example
4/25/2000 7:48:04 AM 1695 202.8K

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