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Submissions by Armando de la Torre Mothelet


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17539 Delphi Source Code Library . Find the shortest path in a labirinth / map
Set of classes to find the shortest path. Usefull for strategy games.
2/13/2002 9:02:31 PM 354 11.1K
17433 Delphi Binaries Unoficial Delphi,Kylix,Interbase & Borland Wallpapers
Unoficial Delphi,Kylix,Interbase & Borland Wallpaper . Wallpapers
2/3/2002 10:51:25 PM 1060 1.1MB
17409 Kylix Binaries Unoficial kylix 2 wallpaper
It's the south pole, the land of the penguin. Icebergs float everywhere , you feel the cold wind blows around you...but wait , in front of you a shimmering light temple invites you to come in. This is Kylix.
1/15/2002 11:18:40 PM 328 145.5K
16358 Delphi Source Code Pente or Go . A game similar to tic tac toe
Pente or Go . A game similar to tic tac toe, played in a variable sizeo board
7/15/2001 7:12:05 AM 1341 38.8K

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