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Submissions by Alexander Rodigin


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17131 Delphi Best Techniques Singletons via interfaces
This article describes a standardized approach to creating and using singletons via interfaces. No special knowledge about interfaces is needed and also this solution may be greatly enhanced later by implementing additional interfaces.
12/3/2001 3:04:21 AM 1859 12K
16600 Delphi Best Techniques Easy hourglass display (v. 2)
Easy hourglass display/hide with single line of code
11/28/2001 3:45:34 AM 2589 11.3K
16471 Delphi Best Techniques Custom Forms (v. 1.2)
A handy way to inherit forms in a project without Object Repository and OpenTools API.
10/25/2001 4:19:00 AM 3102 20.3K
16555 Delphi Best Techniques Smart Forms
Smart Forms have a memory
9/17/2001 6:05:42 AM 3140 191K

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