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Submissions by sachin walia


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19338 JBuilder OpenTools Scioworks JSP previewing plugin for JBuilder
Scioworks Collage is IDE plugin that allows developers to visualize JSPs in browsers without starting any application server or servlet container.
12/10/2002 4:13:29 AM 58 0 bytes
19250 JBuilder OpenTools CocoBase Enterprise O/R for Borland JBuilder
CocoBase Enterprise O/R mapping tool is integrated with Borland JBuilder. Thought Inc. has provided an excellent persistence solution for developers using JBuilder.
11/14/2002 1:24:02 AM 50 0 bytes
19249 JBuilder OpenTools JTag Manager for JBuilder
Jtagmanager™ is the powerful new JSP tag management/tag library repository plug-in for most Java IDEs.
11/14/2002 1:15:30 AM 62 0 bytes
19248 JBuilder OpenTools X Beans For JBuilder
An Xbean is a software component that takes XML as input, processes it in some fashion and then passes XML on to the next Xbean.
11/14/2002 12:02:22 AM 59 0 bytes
19240 JBuilder OpenTools Kodo JDO Integration plugin
Kodo is a one of the best commercial product for Transparent Object Persistence through JDO.
11/12/2002 1:32:39 AM 54 0 bytes

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