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Submissions by Yan Zhou


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17880 JBuilder OpenTools ReclaimTabSpace
Provides a context menu action to close infrequently-visited files, so that one can reclaim some real estate back in the tabbed panel, and reduce the memory usage of JBuilder. 5/16/02 update: the confirmation message box has been removed to avoid possible loss of keyboard focus.
5/16/2002 1:42:32 PM 215 7.2K
17796 JBuilder OpenTools SaveInUnix
Forces source files to be saved in the Unix text format.
4/15/2002 9:51:05 PM 151 7.5K
17768 JBuilder OpenTools Launch Windows Explorer directly from JBuilder
Launches a Windows Explorer to view the current/selected node directly from JBuilder.
4/7/2002 7:59:20 PM 71 0 bytes

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