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Submissions by Sean Winstead


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18446 Delphi Binaries ProActivate
ProActivate protects your software, putting you in control of who uses it, how long they use it, and which features they access.
7/26/2002 3:23:30 PM 299 4.3MB
18444 Delphi Binaries Sleuth QA Suite
Sleuth QA Suite's seven powerful tools give you everything you need to find bugs, improve performance, and test your code in one package.
7/26/2002 2:35:03 PM 937 18.7MB
18443 Delphi Binaries Memory Sleuth
Memory Sleuth's award-winning bug hunting technology helps you track down memory leaks, API failures, memory overwrites and more.
7/26/2002 1:59:11 PM 1878 5.1MB

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