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Submissions by Marc Rohloff


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21834 Delphi Source Code Code converter for C# Builder and Delphi for .NET
Beat ya to it David!

BDS Add-in to convert code from one language to another.
6/22/2004 7:25:21 AM 789 103.9K
21372 Delphi OpenTools Favourites Menu for C# Builder and Delphi for .NET
An expert which adds a 'favourites' submenu to the file menu in C# Builder.
6/22/2004 7:24:51 AM 166 153.8K
21371 Delphi OpenTools Add-In Expert for C# Builder and Delphi for .NET
An expert to control and load other experts (Add-Ins). It can be run from inside the IDE or as a stand-alone application.
6/22/2004 7:24:23 AM 152 93.4K

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