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Submissions by odd halvari


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17012 Delphi Components TLinkLabel
TLinkLabel like TMailLabel but for normal links (websites)
11/11/2001 11:46:14 AM 232 556 bytes
17010 Delphi Components TMailLabel
normal TLabel but looks end behaves like an hyperlink i created this to use in a TAboutBox
11/11/2001 11:36:43 AM 243 540 bytes
16505 Delphi Technical Information Bulletin how to make a component exactely the size you want
you probebly all know it when you place a compnent on a form for example a TMemo there are problems to get the component to the right size you want you could use the object inspector but i found a better way ......
9/1/2001 2:29:26 PM 462 310 bytes
16484 Delphi Source Code Running a controlpanel applet
this Delphi code will only display a control panel applet if you want that your program waits until the applet it's closed you have to do it another way.
8/26/2001 2:56:31 AM 225 474 bytes

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