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Submissions by Sriram Ambuga Nandakumar


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20988 Delphi Best Techniques Source Unit Name of any object that holds its type information.
This piece of code demonstrates how to get the source unit file name of any object that holds its type information.
11/2/2003 8:11:49 PM 1034 324 bytes
18222 Delphi Best Techniques COM+ implementation for Delphi 5.0
Wrapper for TMTSAutoObject supporting Object pooling and Constructor Strings.
12/4/2002 3:06:11 PM 779 3.8K
17819 Delphi Best Techniques Exception Handling in Delphi - A Framework
One of the hiccups in huge applications developed in Delphi is tracing exceptions till the root. Delphi as such provides a lovely mechanism to trap exceptions by way of try..except blocks. But then, in order to utilize this mechanism we need to have a proper framework. In this write up I am explaining the framework designed by me for handling exceptions. In this mechanism we get the complete information like the method names, unit names and the traverse information of a particular exception. The only limitation being the line number for which we might need to provide the Debug information or Map files. This frame work is designed to work under all the compiling/linking conditions and so does not include the mechanism to provide the line numbers. Also, expecting opinions and responses to make it much better.
4/20/2002 6:55:22 AM 3100 1.5K

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