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Submissions by ben ka


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17086 Delphi Wish List Initialized and auto destroyed local class instances
It should be possible to auto create/initialize and auto destroy local class instances.
11/19/2001 4:25:58 AM 11 0 bytes
17085 Delphi Wish List Initialized local variables
Initialization of local procedure variables should be implemented
11/19/2001 2:37:32 AM 11 0 bytes
17083 Delphi Wish List Exit procedure which set the return value at once
Why does exit not support the ability to set the returnvalue at once like Freepascal and Turbo Pascal does ?
11/18/2001 3:36:16 PM 11 0 bytes
17082 Delphi Wish List Operator overload and inline functions
It should be possible to overload operators and to declare inline functions like it is possible in Freepascal.
11/18/2001 2:40:39 PM 11 0 bytes

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