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Submissions by Yehuda Sharvit


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15512 Delphi Components lgmPanel Component
lgmPanel Component, A descendent of TCustomPanel. A moveable, resizeable panel with A caption. Last position saved to A .ini file.
1/19/2001 8:21:29 AM 282 82.7K
15477 Delphi Components GeoWhois component update
Geographic Whois Component. display the domain City/Country names and the world map segment with the domain location mark.
1/4/2001 8:32:48 AM 360 83.2K
15471 Delphi Components Active Ports Component
"NetStat" like IP active ports monitor
12/30/2000 2:05:26 PM 1002 11.9K
15464 Delphi Components "Delphi Direct" like component Update
Update for "Delphi Direct" like component
12/23/2000 3:02:56 PM 540 10.3K
15447 Delphi Components Geographic Whois Component
This component implements an interface to web geographic resources and display the location of A domain on A world map.
12/19/2000 9:39:05 AM 496 82.3K
15405 Delphi Components "Delphi Direct" like component
This component will add "Delphi Direct" like features to any Delphi program.
12/1/2000 4:19:13 AM 446 66.6K
15403 Delphi Components "Live Update" component
Drop this component on your application main form and your app users could download program updates from your web site.
11/30/2000 1:49:48 PM 1694 67.3K

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