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Submissions by Brenton Camac


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20882 JBuilder Best Techniques Code examples showing J2EE and CORBA interoperability
Contains five examples that show interoperability between J2EE (primarily EJBs) and CORBA platforms for various arrangments.
10/25/2003 1:55:40 PM 268 805.7K
20716 C++Builder EJBs Example of using Simplified IDL
Example showing a simplified Java to IDL mapping for use with EJBs supported by the Borland Enterprise Server (BES) product.
10/3/2003 6:14:36 PM 95 19.5K
19238 JBuilder EJBs EJB examples for use with VisiNotify
Two sample projects that demonstrate EJBs configured to use the Structured-Event and Typed-Event Channels of VisiNotify.
11/11/2002 4:41:37 PM 142 135.2K

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