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Submissions by Matt Fausey


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18550 Delphi Components Chilkat Component Set
8 components: POP3/SMTP Email, Zip/Unzip w/self-extracting, super-fast XML, 256-bit encryption/digital signatures, XML Messaging, S/MIME, SSL, Charset Conversion.
7/31/2002 10:10:08 AM 622 2.7MB
18174 Delphi Components Chilkat Certificate
Access digital certificates, load from files, add/remove from certificate stores.
6/24/2002 6:01:50 PM 98 1.2MB
18173 Delphi Components Chilkat S/MIME
Create, manipulate, and disassemble MIME and S/MIME messages. Encrypt, decrypt, create and verify signatures.
6/24/2002 5:52:11 PM 99 1.4MB
18172 Delphi Components Chilkat Charset Convert
Convert to/from all western languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Cyrillic, Ukraine, Greek, Turkish, Croatian, Romanian, Unicode, and more.
6/24/2002 5:42:45 PM 312 734.7K
18171 Delphi Components Chilkat Zip
Add zip and unzip functionality to your applications. Chilkat Zip's streaming technology can handle any size files.
6/24/2002 4:15:25 PM 392 1.6MB
18170 Delphi Components Chilkat Crypt
A component offering the latest AES symmetric encryption algorithms, as well as public-key encryption and digital signatures.
6/24/2002 4:04:59 PM 210 1.4MB
18169 Delphi Components Chilkat Mail
A feature-rich email compoonent including S/MIME, Outlook integration, HTML, distribution lists, XML, attachments, more.
6/24/2002 3:58:26 PM 359 1.9MB
18168 Delphi Components Chilkat XML
A high-speed DOM-based XML parser for large XML files.
6/24/2002 3:47:27 PM 293 1.4MB

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