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Submissions by Patrick Van Laake


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21180 Delphi Source Code Histogram component
Source for a histogram component. Fast and flexible.
12/2/2003 4:38:05 PM 416 5.7K
21161 Delphi Source Code DSpatial v0.2.1 released
DSpatial version 0.2.1 was released on SourceForge. New features are a nice histogram component and new drivers for raster data.
11/28/2003 10:16:21 AM 8 0 bytes
21160 C++Builder Source Code DSpatial v0.2.1
DSpatial version 0.2.1 was released on SourceForge today. Comes with a really nice histogram component, and improves multi-threading support.
11/27/2003 8:32:14 PM 4 0 bytes
21056 Delphi Source Code DSpatial v0.2
DSpatial, a geospatial analysis toolkit, was just released on SourceForge in version 0.2.
11/8/2003 12:12:28 PM 8 0 bytes
20666 Delphi Source Code DSpatial v0.1.3
DSpatial release 0.1.3 released on SourceForge.
9/25/2003 2:16:55 PM 8 0 bytes
20479 Delphi Source Code DSpatial v0.1.2
DSpatial version 0.1.2 released on SourceForge
8/15/2003 9:35:12 AM 9 0 bytes
19457 Delphi Source Code Sharing data between applications: File mapping
Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP file mapping API encapsulated in two related classes. Allows to share data between applications, or efficiently manage large files. UPDATED
1/13/2003 11:17:03 AM 759 14.6K
17503 Delphi Source Code Control FPU
Control exception generation by the FPU and check FPU status
2/4/2002 1:19:50 PM 184 2K
17492 Delphi Wish List A faster Power function
The Power function in the Math unit could be optimized by avoiding the call to Exp and doing the processing inline.
2/1/2002 4:03:57 PM 10 0 bytes

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