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Submissions by John Sileski


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24035 StarTeam Source Code StarTeam Native Access Source Files
Source files for compiling StarTeam native access libraries for operating systems other than those explicitly provided and supported by Borland.
7/10/2006 1:28:44 PM 54 3.4K
23799 StarTeam Best Techniques Modify the Detail pane display in the Cross-Platform Client
The Details panes in the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client (2005 and 2005 R2) can be modified on a per-workstation basis using HTML templates. Sample templates are attached for each component.
10/31/2005 11:39:28 AM 189 2.9K
20678 StarTeam Source Code StarTeam StarSync Source Code
StarTeam StarSync is a utility that deploys the files from a StarTeam view to one or more destination systems. Source includes JBuilder jpx project file.
1/18/2005 3:01:24 PM 310 1.9MB
17288 C++Builder Binaries StarTeam 5.1 Borland C++ Builder 6 Integration
Integrate Borland’s C++ Builder 6 with Starbase’s StarTeam change and configuration management system. Perform version control operations from within the C++ Builder IDE.
2/22/2002 8:15:23 PM 123 674.3K

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