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Submissions by Carlo Galotto


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17180 C++Builder Source Code Algebra between physical quantities
A useful template class to represent physical quantities such as frequency, time, length, mass or power.
1/7/2002 2:14:48 PM 463 53.6K
14584 C++Builder Source Code A GPIB IOStream Library
An example of specialization of the Standard IOStream Library
to usefully connect a computer to devices equipped with the standard (IEEE488) GPIB interface, using C++ streams
1/6/2002 3:52:54 AM 1541 315.2K
17105 C++Builder Source Code Piecewise Functions and Expression Templates
A framework based on Expression Templates that allows to build any kind of Piecewise Functions using a natural analytical sintax.
11/26/2001 2:47:53 PM 217 21.4K

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