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Submissions by yoav abrahami


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20206 Delphi Components MDI Mimic package.
Those component allow to mimic the MDI behaviour of Windows, Delphi native.
6/18/2003 3:41:12 AM 225 224.1K
18772 Delphi OpenTools Project Bookmark Wizard
Allows to Bookmark Delphi projects, packages and project groups.
Adds opened projects / packages to the opened project group.
8/27/2002 2:07:01 AM 217 13.2K
18771 Delphi OpenTools Automatically open parent unit of inherited form
This expert allows to solve one of delphi limitations - placing base forms for inheritence in packages and using them in other projects.
8/27/2002 1:36:09 AM 552 4.3K

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