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Submissions by Robert Ehteshamzadeh


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21138 C++BuilderX Source Code dsw2mak_cl.awk - modified version of José Fonseca's dsw2mak.awk
This converts VS workspaces to GNU makefiles for the Microsoft toolchain. Code to translate to MinGW format has been removed.
11/21/2003 1:47:59 PM 243 6.1K
21137 C++BuilderX Source Code José Fonseca's dsw2mak.awk - convert .dsw files to MinGW make fi
An Awk script that generates a unix Makefile from a VS workspace file.
Redistributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.
11/21/2003 1:37:01 PM 186 7K
20749 C++BuilderX Source Code Simple Makefile hosting of BCB6 project in CBuilderX
demonstrates hosting a BCB6 VCL project in BCBX.
Includes altered makefile export template for BCB6 which adds all and clean targets - see README.TXT
11/12/2003 7:45:36 PM 528 12.7K
20998 C++BuilderX Help File How to install and use Microsoft and Intel Compilers with CBuild
Intel and Microsoft compilers require separate installation for use in CBuilderX. This project demonstrates the correct way to install and use them.
10/29/2003 4:47:13 PM 410 5.3K
19259 Kylix Source Code Hello World Apache DSO Example
this is an example of how to set up apache, build a simple DSO, and debug it from the Kylix IDE.
11/14/2002 2:09:18 PM 565 280.1K

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