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Submissions by Oliver Killguss


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17418 Delphi Components TBitButton Version 2.5.1
TSpeedButton like component which automatically converts glyph's color into a grayscale to get hot image effect
4/19/2009 1:23:04 AM 1070 297.6K
18717 Delphi Components TShellChangeNotifier V1.50
TShellChangeNotifier watches the selected directory and informs you if any changes were made.
1/5/2006 11:35:21 PM 643 313.6K
17483 Delphi Components TGrayImageList Version 1.5
This component copy images from a source (TImageList) to a destination image list and converts destination images to gray.
1/2/2006 1:02:52 PM 275 3.1K
18839 Delphi Source Code TDDMGroupBox 1.5
This TGroupBox based visual component add three new drawing styles for Delphi's standard Groupbox
12/29/2005 6:59:14 AM 322 2.6K
17591 Delphi Source Code TFmPosSave V2.00
This Component stores the actual position and dimension from an form into an ini file or to registry.
9/14/2005 11:10:25 AM 608 177.9K
18731 Delphi Complete Projects INI Builder V0.9.5
Helps you to build ini files visually. Use it to create, modify or browse any ini file and generate Delphi units
11/3/2002 11:39:04 AM 1278 500.1K
18842 Delphi Source Code THotLinkLabel 1.30
This Component is a TLabel based component to get url based functionality and simulate hot links in your application
9/28/2002 2:16:56 PM 246 4.3K
18866 Delphi Source Code TDBLabeledEdit
DB aware version of TLabeledEdit shipped with D6/D7
9/20/2002 10:20:34 PM 315 5.6K
17780 Delphi Source Code THotLinkEdit V1.11
This Component wraps a button and a edit field into one component to easy call homepage or mail client.
9/14/2002 2:53:48 AM 228 361.1K
18843 Delphi Source Code mwMethodExplorer 0.10
mwMethodExplorer allows you an easily connecting to a mwEdit component to exploring structure of loaded sourcecode
9/14/2002 2:46:21 AM 167 244.3K
18840 Delphi Source Code TGhostApp
GhostApp component is an easy component to remove your application from the windows Taskbar
9/14/2002 2:32:25 AM 565 3.5K
18838 Delphi Source Code TStopWatchLabel 1.0
StopWatchLabel implements a simple stopwatch
9/14/2002 2:28:11 AM 207 2.1K
18837 Delphi Source Code TFontList
TFontList is a ComboBox extended by visualizing all installed Fonts on a Machine for your Application.
9/14/2002 2:26:55 AM 287 250.2K
18836 Delphi Source Code TResetLock
ResetLock component is an easy component to lock the STRG+ALT+DEL keys to disallow reset by user.
9/14/2002 2:22:23 AM 261 3.2K
18766 Delphi Source Code TDBStateLabel
This component shows always the state of a table.
8/24/2002 12:51:42 AM 256 1.5K
18765 Delphi Source Code TDBCountLabel
This component shows always the count of records available of the connected table
8/24/2002 12:50:08 AM 274 2.2K
18764 Delphi Source Code TDateTimeLabel 1.0
Simple Component to show Date and/or Time with auto refresh
8/24/2002 12:48:10 AM 299 2.1K
17426 Delphi Components TreeView HTML Export V1.2
TTVHTMLExport exports tree's from the Delphi's TTreeView into a HTML file (see included Demo for more details)
2/18/2002 11:18:08 AM 567 482.5K
17541 Delphi Components ClipMouseReg Version 1.10
This Component allows you to define a mouse clipping area which can't leaved or set mouse to any component on your form.
2/14/2002 10:28:16 AM 173 165.9K
17485 Delphi Components TDDMEdit
This two components (a nonDB and DB aware Edit component) allows you to specify the previous and next control which will get focus after pressing arrow up or down. It has many features to save coding time!
1/31/2002 11:35:33 AM 176 168.5K
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