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Submissions by Zarko Gajic


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23577 Delphi Complete Projects Delphi Web Store ADMIN (ASP.NET, BDP.NET, Interbase)
A complete web-based administration utility for the Store application. Administer customers, orders, categories, products, reviews and administrators.
11/3/2005 1:58:10 AM 908 337.1K
22631 Delphi Source Code WCL (Web Control Library for ASP.NET)
Misc ASP.NET web controls for learning purposes. Currently included: Emoticon (Smiley selector), ColorSelector, DateSelector and AutoPostback (TTimer like control) Sources included.
11/3/2005 1:57:11 AM 400 80.9K
23172 Delphi Source Code ASP.NET Web.Config (Custom) Section Handler
An example of how to deserialize an instance of the class using the web.config XML file as input. Simply put: how to use web.config to
store database connection strings (into a collection of objects each describing one connection).
11/3/2005 1:56:48 AM 241 15K
21913 Delphi Source Code Delphi Web Store (ASP.NET)
DelphiWebStore ASP.Net application demonstrates basic online shopping tasks including: a product catalog, user authentication and personalization, shopping baskets, and order checkout.
10/25/2004 6:39:39 AM 1018 422K
21033 Delphi Complete Projects ASP.NET Portal Example (BDSWebExample)
Fully functional application. The purpose is to show how to build a "CodeCentral"-like web site using
9/6/2004 4:32:37 AM 2005 329.8K

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