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Submissions by Colin Wilson


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25783 Delphi OpenTools XN Resource Editor 3.1
The latest version of XN Resource Editor - a free, fully featured resource editor for Windows Vista and XP
8/30/2008 3:06:56 PM 1332 975K
23716 Delphi Binaries XN Resource Editor 3.0
XN Resource Editor is a free, powerful, fully featured resource editor for Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 98
11/22/2005 3:42:12 PM 424 1.1MB
16276 Delphi Components Standard System Menu Component for D6
Give your Delphi applications a standard task bar menu, instead of the limited one that you get as standard.
6/25/2001 5:27:54 AM 509 2.1K
16213 Delphi Source Code Validating passwords in NT and Win98
Use the SSPI to validate password in Windows 95/98/2000 and NT4
6/12/2001 6:13:30 AM 2079 5.3K
16115 Delphi Components MMC Wizard & Components
The MMC Wizard and Components package allows you to easily create snapins for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
5/10/2001 2:49:13 AM 596 234.1K

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