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Submissions by S. Jaume


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18078 JBuilder APIs RReport
Printing package for java. You can easily add printing feature to your applications.
5/30/2002 1:55:56 PM 330 534.2K
18077 JBuilder Components RBarcode
Barcoding package for Java. It supports all major 1D and 2D barcode standards.
5/30/2002 1:34:51 PM 182 188.6K
18076 JBuilder APIs RFax
Package for sending faxes form your java application.
5/30/2002 1:25:27 PM 161 66.7K
18075 JBuilder Components RChart Gold
Charting package that can create more than 18 different types of 2D/3D charts. The package includes an applet, bean and servlet.
5/30/2002 1:17:07 PM 166 316.6K

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