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Submissions by Ozer Senturk


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20125 C++Builder Source Code M/M/1 Simulator
This project simply simulates a Markovian Markovian Single Server System. Many interesting topics are covered inside the project.
5/28/2003 5:59:03 AM 344 197K
19618 C++Builder Source Code Animal Guessing Game
A program that implements a yes/no game using a binary tree data structure.
3/7/2003 3:23:40 AM 449 34.9K
19617 C++Builder Source Code Text Editor
A program that implements a virtual text editor using linked list data structure.
3/7/2003 3:21:57 AM 869 40.3K
19616 C++Builder Source Code CPU Scheduler
A program that uses queue data structure to simulate the working mechanism of the CPU.
3/7/2003 3:20:33 AM 375 52K
19615 C++Builder Source Code Evaluating Well-Formed Propositional Logic Formulas
A program that uses stacks to evaluate propositional logic formulas like a&b|c.
3/7/2003 3:18:48 AM 163 40.4K
19614 C++Builder Source Code Maintaining an Inventory
A very good example of using files in programs. This program demonstrates all file usage: reading, writing, deleting, inserting...
3/7/2003 3:16:48 AM 604 48.1K
19573 C++Builder Source Code Morse Coder
A program that codes text using Morse.
2/28/2003 12:38:36 AM 597 649.7K
19572 C++Builder Complete Projects File Splitter
A File Splitter
2/17/2003 5:26:11 AM 1016 234K
19571 C++Builder Complete Projects Curve Drawer
A program that draws curves.
2/17/2003 5:22:03 AM 1377 157.5K
19570 C++Builder Complete Projects Snake
The famous snake game.
2/17/2003 5:07:28 AM 1496 154.5K

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