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Submissions by Malcolm Smith


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19308 C++Builder Source Code Indy Mailbox threaded class
A mailbox threaded class for use within any project, although the demo uses Indy since this is what my requirement entailed.
11/29/2002 4:46:51 PM 650 95.2K
17647 C++Builder Source Code Synchronising Component events with the main VCL threads
Component events are not synchronized with the main VCL thread when used in multithreaded applications. This sample shows how to do it, regardless of event type.
3/11/2002 2:03:49 PM 1729 254.7K
17480 C++Builder Components MJFSecurity
MJFSecurity is a security suite designed to protect your applications from theft / piracy. There is additional functionality for general purpose data encryption too.
2/22/2002 7:10:05 PM 202 9.9MB
17261 C++Builder Components MJFSecurity
Extensive Security Component Suite
1/7/2002 11:00:12 PM 107 7.1MB

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