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Submissions by Ronald Goulden


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20154 Delphi Complete Projects Bulk Emailer
This allows the user to send the same email to unlimited users. Only one recipient will appear on each e-mail.
6/6/2003 1:50:32 PM 984 7.7MB
20151 Delphi Complete Projects Professional Journal
This tool is ideal for recording and tracking incidents. It had multi-language support and many extras.
6/6/2003 1:49:49 PM 669 7.5MB
18802 Delphi Complete Projects Network Activity Annunciator
This tool continuously 'pings' a range of IP addresses to provide continuous monitoring of key nodes, providing a visual of the status of each node.
6/6/2003 1:48:28 PM 15 0 bytes
20153 Delphi Complete Projects File Finder
A simple tool to help locate specific files. Slightly different functionality over the Windows file find.
6/6/2003 1:38:49 PM 523 2.2MB
18805 Delphi Complete Projects NetTool
This tool identifies the IP address, NIC card and other network-related data about a PC. It's PING function can 'ping' individual or multiple PCs.

5/25/2003 1:08:08 PM 16 0 bytes
18803 Delphi Complete Projects Directory Back-up/Zip Utility
This directory level back-up utility allows the user to back-up entire directory structures with a single click, compressing them into a zip file.
4/22/2003 9:05:18 PM 14 0 bytes
18807 Delphi Complete Projects Paradox Table Printer
This program will print the table layout or any Paradox table.
4/22/2003 9:03:07 PM 11 0 bytes
18804 Delphi Complete Projects WilliamPayor (Bill Payer)
William Payor® (Bill Payer) is a tool to help individuals monitor their debt and, even reduce or eliminate their debt load.
9/4/2002 10:22:49 AM 10 0 bytes

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