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Submissions by Dev Bhattacharyya


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22996 JBuilder Patterns DataCaching Design Pattern
DataCaching is a simple Caching design pattern that can reduce roundtrip network calls to the database host.
1/28/2005 4:52:48 PM 197 17.9K
22995 JBuilder Source Code DataCaching - A Simple Application To Enable DataCaching
DataCaching is a simple Caching design that can reduce roundtrip network calls to the database host.
1/28/2005 4:49:46 PM 185 17.9K
22994 JBuilder Source Code DataGazer - A Data Transfer Utility between different databases
A generic Java Application to transfer data tables, columns between disparate databases or within same database.
1/28/2005 9:02:57 AM 272 31.8K
22987 Delphi Source Code Buttons - Round Button
It a true round button - can also be distorted to form oval buttons.
1/25/2005 1:10:51 PM 728 7K
22986 Delphi Source Code Printer Class - Special Effects
MyPrn is an useful print class that I had used for various applications earlier. It is small, but serves the purpose.
1/25/2005 1:03:03 PM 458 1.4K
21291 Delphi Complete Projects Value(c) Accounting - A Complete Accounting Package
Just in time for the taxes, Value(c) Light Accounting is available with full source, help project.
1/9/2004 1:11:14 PM 1630 1.7MB
21285 Delphi Components Print Class - A generic print class to handle printing.
A generic print class to handle all printers. Has the ability to set text or graphics by row or layout (x,y) coordinates.
1/7/2004 11:41:07 AM 479 1.5K
21282 Delphi Components Accounting - General Ledger Component
A multipurpose string grid that can be used for General Ledger, Day Books, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet. Now contains Printer class also.
1/7/2004 11:25:08 AM 418 4.3K
21283 Delphi Components Astrology Component - Vaasthu
For all the astrology geeks, feng shui and vaasthu knowledge seekers, here is a component that can create / generate a complete Vaasthu Template.
1/6/2004 3:44:44 PM 145 1.4K

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