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Submissions by Andrea Raimondi


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21990 Delphi Complete Projects Custom Resource Generator
Custom Resource Generator helps you creating RCDATA resource files,
generating the RC file for you and compiling it automatically.
This is a rename from the previous Custom Resource Builder which would conflict with SIComponents' Resource Builder product.
12/14/2005 10:52:08 AM 666 438.3K
23784 Delphi Source Code BasicDataset
Dataset persistence in Delphi.NET and WinForms
10/30/2005 5:10:22 AM 159 15K
23228 Delphi Source Code Paradox Blob insert
Insert a bitmap in a Paradox table.
5/31/2005 10:47:34 AM 157 8.7K
23211 Delphi Source Code SOAP SERVER TEST
Small program showing server and client SOAP programs using Delphi 2005 Pro
5/16/2005 2:47:57 PM 424 16.3K
23094 Delphi Source Code Indy Http Client Demo
Extremely simple HTTP client demo
3/11/2005 11:29:29 PM 1789 3.9K
22960 Delphi Source Code Key Pair Generator
Generates and zips private/public keys
1/16/2005 3:44:55 AM 369 4K
22957 Delphi Source Code LoginLevels demo
This demo application shows M/D with ClientDataset and role-based login.
1/13/2005 1:32:26 PM 382 7.5K
22938 Delphi Source Code WebBroker sample project
This upload features a useless project with a very useful
video :-)
1/6/2005 9:56:25 AM 448 737.1K
22921 Delphi Source Code Thread timing example
Very short example to show thread usage in timing
12/30/2004 8:05:06 AM 583 3.7K
22701 Delphi Source Code CDS WebBroker
An example publishing XML content of a CDS attached to a TDataSetProvider.
10/27/2004 11:13:38 AM 234 4.5K
22694 Delphi Source Code Abstract Patterns 1.0
This zip archive contains 2 units for design patterns
10/26/2004 1:33:53 PM 255 2.3K
18045 Delphi Source Code Client dataset Creator
This application will create a client dataset you can save to file in any of the 3 supported formats.
5/29/2004 11:57:05 PM 1092 15.9K
21082 Delphi Source Code Flash XML Persistence 1.0
Small class for XML serialization
11/13/2003 12:48:54 AM 411 6.6K
18051 Delphi Components CLX Edit components
These four components were written since I didn't find any CLX component fitting my needs, so I decided to write them.
5/22/2002 3:48:19 AM 195 8.3K

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