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Submissions by David Carboni


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20363 Delphi Source Code Space Invaders
This originated as a exercise in apllication design - pragmatics, simplicity and integrity. It's also fun to play!
7/28/2003 1:07:07 AM 603 242.8K
20359 Delphi Source Code Find-File Wrapper - Easy Peasy
Ultra-simple interface object for FindFirst/FindNext. Single-unit, self-managing instance that returns a TStringList of filenames. (D7)
7/26/2003 6:13:13 AM 288 1K
20360 Delphi Source Code Ini-File Wrapper - Easy Peasy (Updated)
Ultra-simple interface to TIniFile object. Single-unit, self-managing instance that provides straightforward Load and Save methods.
7/26/2003 6:12:28 AM 244 1.3K

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