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Submissions by Wayne Niddery


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27791 Delphi Source Code Drawgrid Example
A simple example of formatting output in a TDrawgrid component
7/23/2010 7:23:56 AM 297 2.5K
24127 Delphi Source Code ECO Example: Backup Utility
Example showing a backup utility fully developed using ECO
9/18/2006 4:05:47 PM 368 93.2K
15642 Delphi Best Techniques Interfaces + Classes is greater than the sum
Sample project to demonstrate a class that implements three interfaces in three different ways: inheritance, implementation, and delegation.
2/18/2001 5:35:32 PM 3507 3.8K
15080 Delphi Source Code Web Request multipart forms with binary uploads
1/25/2001 6:44:18 PM 1764 2.9K
15065 InterBase Best Techniques Using IN in Parameterized Query or Stored Proc
7/18/2000 12:00:00 AM 13 0 bytes

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