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Submissions by Josh Fletcher


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17777 JBuilder Fixes JBuilder 6 Tomcat 4.0 Fix - enable Tomcat's JNDI naming service
Enables the Tomcat 4.0 JNDI naming service in JBuilder 6.
4/10/2002 3:36:25 PM 568 9.4K
15687 JBuilder OpenTools jbWheel v. 0.90 (MouseWheel support for JBuilder)
MouseWheel support for JBuilder 4. Submitted on behalf of the author, Czerwony Kapturek.
11/13/2001 2:57:47 PM 15706 74.1K
16823 JBuilder Fixes Tomcat 4.0 Support Update for J2EE Development with BAS 4.5
Update that removes the BAS jar files from the Tomcat Server classpath.
10/26/2001 1:09:05 PM 168 11.1K
16697 JBuilder Fixes JBuilder 5 Tomcat 4.0 Fix - disable Tomcat's JNDI naming service
Allows Web Applications to easily access EJB's when running under Tomcat 4.0 (since Tomcat 4.0's built in JNDI naming service can cause problems).
10/10/2001 6:10:04 PM 622 9.3K
15399 JBuilder Fixes Borland JBuilder 4 Linux/Solaris Launcher Update
Fixes various problems with the JBuilder 4 Linux launcher.
2/2/2001 10:57:07 AM 799 7.8K
15549 JBuilder Fixes JBuilder Remove Generated Files Update
Fix for: Remove Generated Files context menu option could remove additional files besides those intended.
1/29/2001 10:31:50 AM 1340 9.9K
15451 JBuilder Fixes Borland JBuilder 4 Automatic Source Packages Update
This update addresses a problem with the Automatic Source Packages feature in Borland JBuilder version 4.0 (Enterprise, Professional and Foundation).
12/21/2000 11:49:30 AM 3149 8.7K
15283 JBuilder OpenTools JBuilder 4 OpenTool: Select Words With Underscores
Allows you to select entire words that contain one or more underscore characters by double-clicking on them.
10/11/2000 4:25:47 PM 2946 2.1K

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