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Submissions by Iman Crawford


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23865 Delphi Source Code OO ValueType Framework version 3
OO framework with property metadata. Idea resembles TFields for TDataSets. This is similar to 22876, without interfaces.
12/1/2005 9:30:01 PM 195 36.4K
22876 Delphi Source Code OO framework with Interfaced based metadata
OO framework with interface based metadata. Idea resembles TFields for TDataSets.
12/11/2004 10:08:22 AM 308 16.2K
12442 Delphi Database Readonly TDataset for Clarion files
Read only TDataset descendant for Clarion (DOS version) files.
8/22/2003 8:53:41 AM 504 8.1K

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