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Submissions by Malcolm Groves


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27769 C++Builder Documentation C++Builder Developer's Journal - C++Builder 2010 Special Issue
C++Builder 2010 provides many new features not found in previous versions. The goal of this special issue is to highlight and openly discuss these features which are distinctive to C++Builder 2010.
6/14/2010 5:46:37 PM 748 3MB
21575 Delphi OpenTools FileExplorer 0.71 (BETA) dockable add-in
FileExplorer is a free add-in for Delphi 2005, which provides Explorer-like functionality in a dockable window inside the IDE.
8/14/2007 6:38:50 PM 546 379.2K
24802 Delphi OpenTools MenuPalette for Delphi and C++Builder 2007
MenuPalette is an add-in for Delphi 2007 and C++Builder 2007 that adds the IDE menu items to the Tool Palette for easy searching and access.
8/13/2007 11:51:49 PM 140 265.8K
16486 InterBase Binaries IBSite v1.0 - CodeSite for Interbase
IBSite is a free add-on to Raize Software's debugging tool, CodeSite2. IBSite allows you to send CodeSite messages from your Interbase StoredProcs and Triggers.
4/5/2004 6:49:08 PM 136 97K

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