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Submissions by serkan sahinoglu


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15102 Delphi Source Code Very Easy TAB Key Simulation With ENTER Key
Very Easy TAB Key Simulation With ENTER Key.
5/13/2002 12:48:19 AM 1590 344 bytes
15090 Delphi Database Resolving Date Problem in SQL!
Use a number (as date value) in SQL text
5/13/2002 12:45:34 AM 20 0 bytes
15092 Delphi Source Code Merge WAV Files
MergeWavs('c:\test\1.wav, c:\2.wav, 3.wav, c:\other\4.wav', 'c:\output.wav', True);
5/13/2002 12:36:35 AM 1150 1001 bytes

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