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Submissions by David Simpson


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17467 Delphi Source Code TThumbnail 3.2 creates a thumbnail from any bitmap, JPEG, GIF, P
TThumbnail creates a thumbnail from a bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PNG, icon or metafile.
3/30/2003 1:33:11 PM 2244 11.3K
13836 Delphi Source Code TVersionInfo class returns project version info
Defines class TVersionInfo which returns the Project Version Info strings, Locale ID as Language ID string, Major, Minor, Release versions, Build number and module attributes.
1/5/2003 5:11:33 AM 1475 2.4K
15256 Delphi Source Code Compact and Repair an Access database
AccessCompact is a console utility which compacts and repairs Access 97 and Access 2000 databases.
11/19/2000 9:27:53 AM 2601 1.4K
15292 Delphi Source Code Create an Access database with ADOX
This example code creates an Access database using ADOX.
10/14/2000 3:01:30 PM 4591 34.2K

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