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Submissions by Cary Jensen


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19975 Delphi Source Code A Database Connection Pool
A sample database connection pool object
4/28/2005 7:06:40 AM 2808 4.2K
22740 Delphi Source Code Delphi 2005 Demo Apps
Sample demonstration apps for Delphi 2005
11/11/2004 9:06:55 AM 597 213.1K
21579 Delphi Source Code Data-Driven Template Processor
An example of how to use StringReplace to create a data-driven template processor.
3/29/2004 3:16:56 PM 513 7.4K
19713 Delphi Source Code Using a semaphore in Delphi
This project demonstrates how to use a semaphore that supports multiple locks.
4/2/2003 4:29:38 PM 2410 6.3K
19632 Delphi Source Code Nested datasets using TFields
This project demonstrates how to create nested datasets using TFields at design time.
3/10/2003 9:56:16 AM 1396 8.6K
19633 Delphi Source Code Nested datasets from master-detail tables
This project demonstrates how to create nested datasets using master-detail datasets and a DataSetProvider.
3/10/2003 9:09:23 AM 1739 6.9K
19418 Delphi Source Code Single Table Master/Details Using Cloned ClientDataSet Cursors
A single table can serve as both master and detail using cloned ClientDataSet Cursors, and this project demonstrates how it is done.
12/31/2002 12:33:34 PM 1495 5.7K
19417 Delphi Source Code Cloning a ClientDataSets Cursor
This project demonstrates how to clone a ClientDataSet's cursor, and what you can do with the cloned cursor.
12/31/2002 12:29:08 PM 1435 10.9K
19416 Delphi Source Code Deleting a Range Using Cloned ClientDataSet Cursors
This project demonstrates how to use a cloned ClientDataSet to implement features.
12/31/2002 12:22:36 PM 994 6.1K
19222 Delphi Source Code Using ClientDataSet Aggregates and Group State
This project demonstrates the use of ClientDataSet aggregate fields, aggregate collection items, and the GetGroupState method.
11/8/2002 9:33:52 AM 1826 14.2K
19198 Delphi Source Code Filtering a ClientDataSet
This project demonstrates using the SetRange/ApplyRange methods, and the Filter property, of a ClientDataSet.
11/7/2002 9:30:44 AM 1766 9.9K
18957 Delphi Source Code Searching a ClientDataSet
Demonstration of searching a ClientDataSet using scanning, FindKey, FindNearest, GotoKey, GotoNearest, Locate, and Lookup.
10/10/2002 11:24:03 AM 2165 6.9K
18869 Delphi Source Code ClientDataSet Navigation and Editing
Demonstration of the basic techniques for navigating and editing a ClientDataSet.
9/23/2002 9:41:16 AM 1961 5.3K
18782 Delphi Source Code Generic Sorting of a ClientDataSet
This project includes two functions for sorting a ClientDataSet on a field at runtime using persistent indexes.
9/1/2002 9:36:56 AM 1869 5.8K
18742 Delphi Source Code Defining a ClientDataSet's Structure using TFields
Demonstration of how to define a ClientDataSet's structure using TFields at design-time
8/16/2002 12:17:06 PM 1529 6.8K
18306 Delphi Source Code ClientDataSet/DataSetProvider data loading behavior demo
This project demonstrates what happens when you open a ClientDataSet that obtains its data from a DataSetProvider.
8/16/2002 12:13:27 PM 3646 6.6K
18744 Delphi Source Code VideoLibrary: Complex ClientDataSet Structure Demo
Demonstration of how to create aggregate and nested dataset fields in a ClientDataSet at runtime using TFields.
8/16/2002 12:11:42 PM 2759 12.5K
18743 Delphi Source Code Creating nested DataSets using TFields at design-time
This project uses design-time defined TFields to create a ClientDataSet with a nested dataset
8/16/2002 12:04:59 PM 1812 6.9K
18613 Delphi Source Code Creating a ClientDataSet using FieldDefs
Demo of how to create a ClientDataSet's structure at runtime using its FieldDefs property and CreateDataSet method
8/10/2002 9:00:32 AM 1952 4.7K

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