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Submissions by Darrell Kalichak


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25425 CaliberRM Source Code Microsoft Project Vendor Add-In 2006
Custom vendor add-in that lets CaliberRM 2006 establish traceability to Microsoft Project tasks.
2/20/2008 7:44:36 AM 32 235K
25424 CaliberRM Source Code Microsoft Project Export 2006
A VBA macro that runs inside of MS Project to read and import CaliberRM requirement data.
2/20/2008 7:41:37 AM 40 146.1K
19760 CaliberRM Source Code CaliberRM Usage Viewer
Utility to show all usage of Requirement Type, User-defined Attribute, Group, and User objects managed in the CaliberRM repository.
4/18/2003 9:31:15 AM 138 30.4K
19759 CaliberRM Source Code Requirement History Viewer
Utility to determine and list all changes to a CaliberRM Project, Baseline, Requirement Type, or Requirement.
4/18/2003 9:28:45 AM 94 41.1K

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