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Submissions by Vikram Ravi


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20574 C++Builder Source Code Graphics Library
A very comprehensive graphics library for DOS Environment. ( Only for Turbo C++ version 3.0 )
9/5/2003 11:45:01 PM 507 220.4K
20573 C++Builder Components Graphics Library
A Comprehensive graphics library for use in Turbo C++ Version 3.0 in DOS Environment
9/5/2003 11:26:21 PM 258 220.4K
17482 C++Builder Source Code 2ndOrder Simultaneous equations
This program solves simultaneous equations with 2 variables
3/25/2003 5:49:00 PM 431 28K
19607 C++Builder Source Code Dos Explorer
This is dos explorer which is similar to windows explorer but with minimal functionality. (Requires mouse.h)
3/1/2003 5:09:46 AM 490 4.4K
19323 C++Builder Source Code Interrupt Programming Example
Has various functions written using interrupts to perform certain opeations
12/5/2002 8:36:35 PM 982 579 bytes
18831 C++Builder Source Code New Mathematics Header file
It contains extra functions or advanced version of math.h functions
9/12/2002 2:13:58 AM 420 1.1K
18828 C++Builder Source Code SIC Assembler
It assembles a SIC assembly level language
9/11/2002 10:25:27 PM 470 39.6K
17209 JBuilder Source Code TextPad
12/23/2001 4:08:49 AM 666 25.1K
17208 JBuilder Complete Projects TextPad
12/23/2001 3:54:03 AM 595 25.1K
16178 C++Builder Source Code Converting Binary To Decimal and vice-versa
Converts Binary number to decimal number and vice-versa
5/18/2001 4:16:23 PM 1272 200.6K
16077 C++Builder Complete Projects Telepad
It is a good program to store your telephone numbers,country and state codes,e-mail ids ,etc
5/5/2001 7:18:06 PM 1637 187.2K
15314 C++Builder Source Code Modified String Functions
This zip file consists of header files which consists of extra string functions(included in "nstring.h") and math functions(included in "nmath.h").

string functions=>
slen(string length)
scopy(copies contents of array2 to array10
scomp(compares string lengths of array1 and array2)
cchar(gives the number of characters in the array)
cword(gives the number of words in the array)
ccomp(compares two characters)
spov(displays the string from the character)
charreplace(replaces character1 with character2 in the array)
chardelete(deletes the specified character from the array)
10/22/2000 10:58:00 AM 1976 19.7K
15278 C++Builder Source Code Banking Project
10/7/2000 12:54:08 PM 3407 89K
15277 C++Builder Source Code Modified Header files
10/7/2000 12:51:16 PM 798 2.5K

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