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Submissions by Liz Kimber


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25734 Delphi Source Code Readme Project Expert
Nearly all projects come with a readme file, but how many get read? Now if your project has one defined, this expert will open it for you, you can use it to remind you of things to do, dependancies or just to remind you what you last did..
9/6/2008 1:45:18 PM 52 13.9K
24448 Delphi Source Code Readme Expert
Will display a specified file on opening a project either as todo list or as a read me.
9/5/2007 4:47:56 PM 89 16.6K
23830 Delphi Source Code Readme Expert
An expert that will look for an option in your project and display a readme file to anyone opening it.
11/14/2005 4:17:00 PM 75 9.1K
23730 Delphi Source Code File Find a recursive view
An example of recusively calling a procedure to produce a single result, or multiple results under win32 for delphi
10/25/2005 11:57:09 AM 186 6.3K

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