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Submissions by Ivan Giugni


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20756 Delphi Components Chart FX for Delphi
Chart FX is an advanced charting solution helping developers integrate and display graphical information between and among diverse markets, platforms and environments.
10/13/2003 2:06:20 PM 230 3.8MB
20024 C#Builder Components Chart FX for .NET
Chart FX for .NET features Windows Forms and Web Forms functionality, and provides ease of use and integration through an interactive Wizard and Resource Center.
5/14/2003 9:46:34 AM 71 7.7MB
20023 C#Builder Components Chart FX Lite for .NET
Chart FX Lite, a FREE charting tool for Windows Forms applications, is written in C# to exist as fully managed code within .NET.
5/14/2003 9:39:36 AM 133 1.7MB

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