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Submissions by Michael Dundee


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18022 Delphi Source Code IsoKit 3
The source code for the third delphiX game tutorial
5/12/2002 2:02:57 PM 558 196.3K
15484 Delphi Binaries Resources for DelphiX Game Tutorial Two
Graphics, Source and a converter for the article
1/7/2001 11:39:18 AM 1888 446.3K
15138 Delphi Source Code Editor for DelphiX game tutorial one
This is the editor to make the .map files used in my tutorial
8/23/2000 4:29:44 AM 8409 11.3K
15137 Delphi Source Code Source code for DelphiX game tutorial one.
Source code for my Isometric tiling engine
8/23/2000 4:27:22 AM 6763 11.7K
15136 Delphi Binaries Graphics for DelphiX Game tutorial one (By Michael Dundee)
8/23/2000 4:21:01 AM 5016 9.2K

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