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Submissions by Sammy Hale


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16553 C++Builder Components Day of The Year Component
This is a descendent of TEdit and will caculate the day of the year.
9/16/2001 6:24:29 PM 286 1.2K
15544 C++Builder Technical Information Bulletin FYI Sybase
Just for your information
1/28/2001 3:16:32 PM 14 0 bytes
15543 C++Builder Source Code Convert Hex to Ascii
This code will help you to unpack hex code and convert it to ascii
1/28/2001 3:05:13 PM 1399 323 bytes
15345 C++Builder Complete Projects Day of the Year Conversion
Converts an entered date to the day of the year
11/5/2000 10:58:32 AM 1639 656.4K
15332 C++Builder Complete Projects Julian Date
Gives you the day number of the year.
10/30/2000 12:21:43 PM 1416 465K
15264 C++Builder Complete Projects Database Anywhere
This program allows you to access up to 6 tables at a time either through ODBC or direct connection
10/3/2000 8:29:03 AM 3770 880.6K

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