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Submissions by Stefan Wloch


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22861 Delphi Components IBM MQSeries v5.2 Messaging Queue Component for Windows
IBM MQSeries MQ allows you to easily exchange information across different platforms via the network-independent messaging delivery system.
12/7/2004 4:17:41 AM 241 25.7K
22837 Delphi Components SMPP protocol Socket Component for SMSC Connectivity
SMPP Protocol Socket component will allow permanent SMPP connectivity to an SMSC Server (specified as IP Address and Port Number properties)
11/30/2004 7:49:10 AM 493 235.2K
22836 Delphi APIs Intel NetMerge Call Processing Software C API Conversion
Call processing API provides the interface to develop and run telephony applications.
11/30/2004 3:11:55 AM 425 244.7K

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