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Submissions by Rick Ross


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20996 Delphi Source Code Octane Distributed Prime Number Generator
This example demonstrates how to use .NET remoting to write an application that distributes the work of finding prime numbers to multiple clients.
12/20/2003 7:43:11 AM 284 23.6K
20995 Delphi Source Code Octane Threading Examples
These examples demonstrate how to use .NET threads and Delphi threads. Also included is a multi-threaded WinForm application.
11/15/2003 12:47:02 PM 425 26.2K
20997 Delphi Source Code Octane Reflect Tool
Reflect is .NET tool great for spelunking assemblies. Explore executables, assemblies, as well as types specified by name.
10/29/2003 2:02:48 PM 187 55.2K

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