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Submissions by Claude Hayn


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22127 JBuilder Components aveConnect 3.0 for MS SQL
aveConnect JDBC 3.0 includes all the functionalities of JDBC 2.x drivers along with new many features.
5/4/2009 2:12:12 PM 24 306.4K
22125 JBuilder Components aveConnect 1.1 for MS SQL
aveConnect 1.1 for MS SQL Server is a Type 4 JDBC Driver that uses the MS SQL Server's Tabular Data Stream as the Native Protocol.
8/16/2004 3:11:44 PM 17 90K
22126 JBuilder Components aveConnect 2.5 for MS SQL
aveConnect 2.5 for MS SQL is an enhanced implementation of JDBC 2.0. Besides JDBC 1.0 methods, all new features in JDBC 2.0 API are supported.
8/16/2004 3:11:04 PM 18 258.1K
22124 JBuilder Components aveConnect 1.1 for MS Access
aveConnect JDBC Driver for MS Access is a Type III (Pure Java) Driver. Using a Java JDBC driver eliminates the client configuration required by ODBC.
8/16/2004 3:10:28 PM 73 1.4MB

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