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Submissions by Ronald Hoek


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28907 RAD Studio Fixes Delphi XE2 version information cleanup
Tool which clean up the non-base configuration version information of the Delphi/RAD Studio project file (dproj)
6/7/2012 7:17:58 AM 146 82.8K
28014 Delphi Binaries Delphi XE wallpapers (1280 x 800)
Delphi XE
9/2/2010 4:39:45 AM 130 244.5K
24678 StarTeam Binaries StarTeam 6.0 (latest release) - above 6.0.79
Can anyone point me to a location where I can download the latest version of Starteam 6. I need this for the Active Directory support.
6/25/2007 6:00:40 AM 0 0 bytes

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