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Submissions by Premek Vala


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22557 Delphi Components PortSight Secure Access
PortSight Secure Access is .NET component for user management and access control. It supports WebForms, WinForms and Web Services as well as import from LDAP.
10/14/2004 12:48:32 AM 64 16.4MB
22564 Delphi Components PortSight Meta Tree
PortSight Meta Tree organizes relational data in a tree structure and provides personalized view according to user’s access rights.
10/12/2004 5:42:41 PM 31 26.9MB
22563 Delphi Components PortSight Task Scheduler
PortSight Task Scheduler executes long-running and resource-intensive tasks asynchronously, on the server side, which makes ASP.NET applications more robust and improves user experience.
10/8/2004 9:17:50 AM 26 5.8MB

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