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Submissions by Svetozar Georgiev


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22650 Delphi Components r.a.d.designer
telerik r.a.d.designer is the first CMS-backbone component for the ASP.NET framework.
10/14/2004 2:13:43 AM 29 3.3MB
22643 Delphi Components r.a.d.treeview
telerik r.a.d.treeview is the supercharged treeview component for ASP.NET. It facilitates the display, management, and navigation of hierarchical data structures.
10/14/2004 2:12:46 AM 47 2.4MB
22642 Delphi Components r.a.d.tabstrip
A flexible component for building tabbed interfaces in ASP.NET applications: CSS-based text-only tabstrips, fully graphical, scrollable, vertical, aligned, or multi-level nested tabstrips.
10/14/2004 2:12:07 AM 32 2.4MB
22641 Delphi Components r.a.d.spell
A multilingual spellchecker for ASP.NET applications. Can be attached to any server/client editable element (textbox, div, iframe). Currently supports 19 languages.
10/14/2004 2:11:24 AM 25 3.2MB
22640 Delphi Components r.a.d.rotator
A component for DHTML content rotation: stock tickers and news scrollers, to product spotlights, weather forecasts, testimonials, running promotions and banner ads, etc.
10/14/2004 2:10:47 AM 29 2MB
22639 Delphi Components r.a.d.panelbar
telerik r.a.d.panelbar is a versatile component for building collapsible side-menu systems.
10/14/2004 2:10:03 AM 50 1.9MB
22638 Delphi Components
The "all-in-one" menu component for ASP.NET. Allows you to build horizontal, vertical, pop-up, and scrollable menus with completely customizable appearance.
10/14/2004 2:09:06 AM 48 2.4MB
22635 Delphi Components r.a.d.chart
telerik r.a.d.chart is a business-oriented charting component with a focus on development productivity and ease-of-use.
10/14/2004 1:47:17 AM 22 6.6MB
22634 Delphi Components r.a.d.editor
The leading WYSIWYG editor for ASP.NET. It can replace any TextBox with intuitive Word®-like editor, making content authoring as easy as writing a document.
10/13/2004 10:19:15 AM 36 9.3MB

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